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3 Tips from a Pro to Transform your Bathroom into a Luxurious Space

3 Tips from a Pro to Transform your Bathroom into a Luxurious Space

Ready to update your bathroom this spring? Here are a few tricks to transform your basic bathroom into a luxurious space.  


1) Mirror Power

Adding a large mirror does wonders for a space. By filling much of the wall, the room will look twice the size and feel like your own personal oasis. A well-placed mirror will make the most of your bathroom’s natural light, and opens up any small spaces. Try installing a mirror directly across your bathroom window for a sunnier feel. Additionally you can place a round shaped mirror in place of a medicine cabinet for a fresh look. 


Recommended Mirrors: Antiqued Wall Mirror, Epine Mirror, and Tiger Prawn Wall Mirror.



2) Light Yourself Well

Position your wall sconce vanity lighting around 5’-6” off the floor (this varies depending on the fixture and the ceiling height) but the idea is to get light on your face evenly.  Here they are equally spaced between the mirrors which helps with symmetry.


Recommended Lighting: Madeline Sconce, Polaris Sconce, and Sadler Wall Sconce.



3) Touch of Brass

Brass is back in a big way.  But not your old school polished bright brass. Today’s brass is antiqued and warm. But it shows that you’re up with today's trends and aren’t afraid to take a risk. It’s an instant upgrade especially paired with Calacatta marble like this bathroom.



All images are from projects by Mary Jo Fiorella, FIORELLA DESIGN, LLC